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Our Mission

SoHo Strength Lab specializes in the highest quality personal training and group fitness instruction. We combine traditional strength training techniques with innovative athletic movement and metabolic conditioning.

The SoHo Strength Lab training facility, culture, and team, motivate and inspire through physical challenge and achievement. We live it, and we want to make you a part of it.

As former athletes, our training philosophy is built upon multi-planar athletic movements and strength training. We designed our facility to create a true athletic training environment.
2700 sq ft of Training Floor | 820 sq ft of Athletic Turf


  • Olympic Lifting Platform
  • Pendlay Elite Lifting Equipment
  • Power Sleds
  • Slam Balls
  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Aerodyne Bikes
  • Gray Series Kettlebells
  • Battling Ropes
SoHo Strength Lab trainers are dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and physical performance of our clients.
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Andrew Speer

"My 25-year career in athletics and fitness has given me more opportunities, confidence, and purpose than I could have ever dreamed. My passion is helping others improve their lives through physical fitness."

Growing up as a gymnast Andrew spent hours in the gym. In high school Andrew transitioned to track and field, going on to compete as a pole-vaulter for the University of Miami. In college Andrew found the weight-room, and in two years transformed his wiry 140-pound frame into a lean and muscular 185 pounds. It was in the weight-room that Andrew first developed his a passion and skill for training and motivating others. For Andrew, coaching is training.

Andrew continued to develop his training skills by learning from the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. He attended certifications and seminars lead by legendary trainers such as Pavel Tsatouline, Dan John, Martin Rooney, Gray Cook and put this knowledge to work - racking up over 7,000 training hours in the next 5 years.

Andrew's athletic background as a gymnast and pole-vaulter, along with his skills in Olympic lifting, body-weight training, kettlebells, and eye for technique and movement developed through years of training, made him one of the top trainers in the nation.

After training for more than five-years in the SoHo area, Andrew has established a client list of the SoHo elite. The majority of Andrew's clients have trained with him for multiple years.

In addition to training Andrew appears regularly in Men's Health, Men's Journal and Runner's World. He has worked for clients such as Nike, Under Armour, Everlast, and was featured in Shaun T's Asylum DVD series. Andrew helped develop Shaun T's latest DVD series T25 and created the exercise routine for MAC cosmetics Temperature Rising Campaign.

Andrew is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and an RKC-1 kettlebell instructor. Andrew has also been certified by USA weightlifting Level 1 coach and Martin Rooney's Training for Warriors Level 1 instructor.

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Albert Matheny

"I have always enjoyed learning about the human body and its capabilities under different conditions: training, nutrition, recovery from injury, and other variables. My goal is to help others connect with their bodies so that they can build their strength and confidence to pursue life to the fullest."

Albert grew up running, swimming, surfing, climbing, biking, lifting, and, of course, eating. His running led him to a five-year career as an athlete at the University of Florida, where he competed at the S.E.C. championships for the Gators in both track and field and cross-country. Post-collegiately, Albert trained and competed professionally under Barb Lindquist, the former world #1 ranked triathlete.

In the summer of 2008, Albert underwent hip surgery, from which he fully recovered, returning to competition later that year.

Academically, Albert completed Bachelor of Science degrees in Exercise Physiology and Food Science/Human Nutrition, a Master of Science degree in Human Performance, and he earned his licensure as a Registered Dietitian.

Throughout his career, Albert has researched nutrition to improve training, recovery from injury, and general health. He is well-versed in creating individual nutrition plans to complement specific training program goals. Currently, Albert serves as the consulting dietitian for DB Track Club, a professional track and field training group lead by Rana Reider (USA Track and Field National Coach of the Year in 2011).

Albert specializes in integrating his nutrition and physiology background into his training program design. He is skilled in the areas of weight loss, building lean muscle mass, core strength, triathlon training, kettlebells, and corrective exercise for injuries.

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Ryan Hopkins

"Changing a person's pre-conceived notion of who they are physically, and what they are capable of, and then progressing them further."

Ryan Hopkins has spent the last 10 years of his life exploring everything gym and weightlifting related. He began his studies in Athletic Training at the University of Central Florida where he also played A-side outside center for the nation's sixth ranked club rugby team.

Athletic Training required Ryan to think about lifting beyond just doing dumbbell presses and bicep curls, there was an emphasis on optimal physical function, performance, injury prevention and the acquisition/maintenance of strength.

Ryan recognizes that his academic background is the underlying foundation for his approach to programming and personal training, but his most significant learning was done outside of the classroom. Everything Ryan knows and does he has at one time done himself. Against all odds and wants, he has even run 6.5 miles without stopping...once.

Ryan separates himself from many fitness professionals because of his exposure to and comprehension of a wide variety of training methods and modalities. Ryan is perpetually educating himself, applying what he learns in his training to, “experience the individualities and peculiarities of each approach for every situation and circumstance."

Ryan is highly skilled in all areas of the weight-room, but fancies himself a barbell guy thru and thru. He specializes in all things strength and conditioning related, Olympic weightlifting, weight loss, making regular people look and feel good, and making old ladies really strong.

Ryan currently competes in Olympic weightlifting and is a member of USA-Weightlifting, both as a competitor and certified Sports Performance Coach. Ryan holds a BS in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Rob Olivar
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Rob Olivar

“No person has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable.” — Socrates

Rob Olivar believes body and mind are merely two sides of the same coin. The language barrier between English and German could not stop him from receiving a master's education at the best sports science university in Europe, Deutsche Sporthochsule Köln, in Cologne, Germany. While playing semi-professional football for the Weyhe Vikings and the Bremen Firebirds (both in Germany) he excommunicated himself from the English language, commanding teammates and colleagues to speak to him exclusively in the native tongue of Deutschland.

Upon his esteemed education overseas, Olivar returned to the States to train with the New York Jets professional football team. And now he brings his extensive sports science knowledge to the Soho Strength Lab.

Prior to his master's education, Olivar received a grant to play football and earn a baccalaureate degree at Stonehill College, in Easton, Mass. He was chosen as an All-Conference running back, while setting multiple school records at the well-reputed southern New England college. It was here that he learned how training smart could improve athletic performance.

Olivar is currently working toward a PhD. In kinesiology.

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Christina Jensen

"When I think of health and fitness, I think of unlimited possibilities, it is the one area of our lives that we can have complete control over. As a trainer, the most amazing feeling is showing people that they too have this same power!"

Originally from upstate NY, Christina trained as a dancer at the Perkins School of the Arts and completed her bachelors in fine arts from the University of the Arts in Philidelphia.

In her dance career, Christina danced for five years with the Radio City Rockettes and currently serves as the principal dancer for the modern dance company the Phoenix Project Dance.

Fitness and training have always been a part of Christina's life. Christina currently trains in barre technique at Physique 57 and was recently cast in Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs and Focus T25.

Christina is known for bringing an amazing motivational energy into her classes and training. Her dance inspired perspective to fitness is an exciting new addition to SoHo Strength Lab.

Personal Training
At SoHo Strength Lab we pride ourselves on our individual program design. Given our clients goals, we use a comprehensive interview and movement assessment to design a personalized training program.

Our goal is not only to make you a stronger person in the gym, but also outside the gym.

A single training session will progress through soft-tissue mobility and movement work, dynamic movement training, strength training, and metabolic conditioning. We utilize proven athletic strength and conditioning techniques including agility training, power sleds, strength bands, Kettlebells, and Olympic lifting.

Become a stronger person

Our group classes offer the same high quality training as our one on one sessions with a fast paced motivating environment. Classes are focused and limited to 12 clients.

Soho Burn

Use bands, body weight, and dumbbells to burn fat, shred your abs, and tone muscles in SSL’s athletic take on bootcamp.
45 minutes. Sunday 10am
* Classes may change, please check MindBodyOnline for weekly adjustments.

Soho Sweat

Move and sweat in a circuit-style conditioning class that uses the same techniques pro-athletes use to give you that lean athletic body.
45 minutes. Saturday 10am
* Classes may change, please check MindBodyOnline for weekly adjustments.

Soho Swoll

Get your pump on with SSL's strength-circuit lifting class. You will use dumbbells, barbells, bands, and kettlebells to burn fat and build muscle.
45 minutes. Tuesday 6:15pm
* Classes may change, please check MindBodyOnline for weekly adjustments.

Soho Speed

This agility and sprint based cardio conditioning class will get your heart racing, abs screaming, and legs moving. Use agility ladders, medicine balls and power sleds to burn calories and find your inner athlete.
45 minutes. Thursday 6:15pm
* Classes may change, please check MindBodyOnline for weekly adjustments.

TRX Body Conditioning

Make your body your machine with this circuit-style suspension training class. Build lean muscle, stability, and core strength while performing multi-planar movements and burning fat.
60 minutes. Wednesday 7pm Saturday 12:30pm
* Classes may change, please check MindBodyOnline for weekly adjustments.


  • New Client -Buy 1 Get 1 Free - $38
  • New Client - 5 classes $150
  • Single Class - $38
  • 5 Classes - $180
  • 10 Classes - $340
  • 20 Classes - $640

SoHo Strength Lab offers nutrition consultations and meal planning with our in-house registered dietitian Albert Matheny. Since 2010 Albert has worked with clients in all areas of nutrition, from performance nutrition with olympic athletes, including gold medalist Christian Taylor and silver medalist Justin Gaitlin, to meal planning for weight-loss, food allergies, and specific dietary needs for vegetarians and vegans.

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